Will Sexist, Racist Robots and their Progressive Coders Oppress James Damore and the Rest of us White Males Even Further?

Due to my preoccupation with that excruciatingly long third Svalbard post I put up a couple of weeks ago I'm a bit late to the Google / James Damore ordeal, perhaps a bit of a blessing in disguise for Damore since this may very well be construed as giving him the luxury of a sixteenth minute of fame. If you missed all the hubbub, Damore's the guy that got fired from Google back in August for voicing his thoughts on why there are fewer women employed in tech industries than men. Selling himself as a brave truth teller, Damore followed up his dismissal from Google with an opinion piece that appeared in the Wall Street Journal in which he stated that

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Well,I for one have read every single one of your posts, though have only commented once, for which I apologize. I will definitely read the last two posts and am going to miss you. You are one of the few truly intelligent voices out there.

Go well mate

Wow, thanks for all that! And yes, you’re definitely going to want to read the next two posts. :wink:

Still trudging along! :wink: