This Hand-Coded Collapse Blog – Built with Open Source Software and on The World's Worst Blogging Platform™ – is Being Shut Down

So as stated at the beginning of my previous post, yes, I've decided to shut down this hand-coded From Filmers to Farmers blog of mine. I'm guessing you've never heard of the term "hand-coded blog" before (as opposed to just "blog") and might not even know what it means. If that's the case then you're about to find out what exactly it is that it means, because it's via hand-coding that I inadvertently ended up starting this haphazard blog in the first place.

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Thanks for your posts and building this blog from scratch. I never commented but enjoyed much of your humorous tone and rigorous logic. Good luck with the new platform.

Awesome, thanks for that. (And whoops, once again I didn’t get notified about a new comment. Soon that’ll be no more!)