The Uber Disguise of Industrialism's Collapse


If you're a bit more up with the times that I am then you're probably aware of Uber, the new taxi service that's apparently been gaining an increasing foothold in major cities around the world. But predominantly being a user of my feet, bicycles and public transit, and not even having a smartphone until recently (and without a SIM card to boot), it wasn't until news of a few protests going on in my former homecity of Toronto a few weeks ago that I became familiar with the nascent taxi operation.

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I have just recently stumbled upon this website but i absolutely LOVE it!! Thanks for aiding in connecting the dots of world mechanics in peak oil era and looking at the flip side of mainstream! I can’t seem to dedicate enough of my time to read every article here. Keep up the fantastic job.


Thanks for the encouraging words, and I’m glad to hear you’re finding it worthwhile. I’ll keep tapping away!