The Ongoing Collapse of Turkey's Secular Democracy and... Erdoğan's Shift From American to Russian Fossil Fuels? [part 1/3]

So following the three weeks of "who was it that tried to steal the cookie from the cookie jar" showdown in Turkey, it turns out that the first head of state that Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be meeting post-coup is occurring today in St. Petersburg, and with none other than his newest BFF-FAW (Best Friend Forever For A While), Vladimir Putin. This might come as a bit of a surprise to some, seeing how in November of 2015 Turkey shot down one of Russia's warplanes, Putin describing it as a "stab in the back." However, a slightly underreported fact is that in late-June, a mere two and a half weeks before the attempted coup, Erdoğan issued an apology to Russia/Putin for downing its aircraft and professed that Russia is Turkey's "friend and strategic partner." A couple of days later the ban on flights to Turkey via Russian airline Aeroflot was lifted, and the two leaders set aside August the 9th for a meeting in which they could discuss "normalization." Two and a half weeks after that, an attempt was made to overthrow the government in Turkey.

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The basic premise of Karl Marx 1848 “Communist Manifesto” was “To each according to his needs, from each according to his means.” Ignoring the impossibility of implementing this in a classless society without resorting to outright theft let me examine means and especially needs.

There are three needs, food, water and protection from the elements and predators. The biggest predator being Government. All else are luxuries. The political opportunists substitute wants for needs and appeal to envy to implement egalitarianism to make all equal by redistribution of resources by force. This creates a fertile environment for corruption with each competing for ever decreasing resources and the “Rule of Law” degenerates into might makes right. This is why our owners want people control misnamed weapons control.

Of the three needs food is the leading contender for shortages with phosphorous and/or diesel fuel causing shortages of production of food in accordance with Liebig’s Law. Liebig’s Law, “Growth is limited by the scarcest resource, not by the total amount of resources,” For plant growth the scarcest resource is phosphorous. No North American fertilizer company can achieve vertical integration because they have to import some Phosphorus.

Seventy percent of the world’s phosphorous reserves are located in Morocco, twenty percent of the world’s oil in Saudi Arabia. Morocco is a Sunni Kingdom so far friendly to the West. From the standpoint of the Worlds food supply Morocco is the most important county on the planet. The depletion of phosphorous will cause the world’s food and population to decrease on some form of Seneca Cliff to what can be supported by permaculture.

The other entity causing the return to permaculture (excluding extinction) is the depletion of diesel fuel. Diesel fuel can only by be made from crude oil of certain specific gravities. It cannot be made from tight, light oil or the oil sands tar. Volumes and BTU (British Thermal Units) are irreverent since BTU value of gasoline and diesel are much closer than the 106,000hp developed by the largest diesel engine and the largest practical gasoline engine. Also gasoline engines are 25 to 30% efficient vs. 50% for diesel.

Until the invention of the internal combustion engine gasoline was a waste product dumped in the rivers (before EPA). Gasoline engines eliminated a waste product, provided employment for millions but provide vehicles that basically run around in circles. All the heavy lifting was done by diesel. Industrial agriculture is totally dependent on diesel as well as the military and most transportation of bulk goods.

It takes Mother Earth millions of years to make crude oil that can be used to make diesel. This is the real reason for the push to get diesel cars extinct. Flatten Out the Seneca Cliff of the depletion of phosphorous and/or diesel. With the depletion of phosphorus and/or diesel we are back to permaculture and the life style of my heritage, the Old Order Mennonites and a much smaller World population.

Well said. Luxury certainly is the name of the game, and we live in a world that has no shortage of apologists for hedonism and narcissism.

I knew that gasoline used to get dumped (just like natural gas was flared), but I never knew why it was that diesel is always used in farm machinery. Thanks for that. I remember a CSA I interned on in B.C. bulk purchased diesel which was subsidised by the gov’t. But it was only for farm machinery and so was dyed red so that they couldn’t put it in their regular vehicles without possibly getting caught.

I still haven’t gotten around to reading that copy of Phosphorus: An Element That Could Have Been Called Lucifer I have on my shelf. But regardless, all the more reason for us to start talking about returning our humanure to the land with proper care. Which makes me think about the Mennonites/Amish as you mention. I know there’s different degrees and churches and such, but I’ve never read about any possible usage they make of compost toilets and such. I’ll keep an eye out for that.

You don’t know what you are talking about. The coup was run by cemaat/FETO - supporters of an islamist cleric hiding in the US. Look up who sponsored Gulens visa into the US - former CIA director - and then go ***** yourself for not knowing *****.

Erdogan is no angel - he is a scumbag - but this purge is getting rid of an islamic cancer far worse than Erdogan.

Look again and you’ll see that not only have I yet to explain who I think was behind the attempted coup, but I mentioned Gülen several times. Perhaps you need to read the actual article and not just the title. On top of that, that CIA person you talk about is named Graham Fuller, and he’s not a former CIA director but former Vice Chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council. Also, he didn’t sponsor Gülen but wrote him a letter of recommendation. Sorry to have to correct you about all that, and even though I apparently don’t know “*****”. Anyway, if you’d like further clarification (and from a non-actual Turk), that, and more, is explained in part 2.

On top of all that, the Turk I extensively quote in part 2, Efe Aydal, is actually of a similar opinion to what you write. Part 2 should be posted Tuesday or Wednesday.