The Netflix Wall, the Netflix Fall


I think that's Russian or something

As far as such things go, March 24th, 2015, marked a momentous day in the annals of film & television in Kiwi land and the land Down Under. As was conveyed to me the day before the occasion by a flabbergasted Canadian I (vaguely) know, "Oh my God! It's coming? I had no idea! Ugh, they've only got, like, six channels here. Kiwis have no idea what they're missing!"

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But how will we survive without American Idol?


Hmmm. How about rudimentary flip books utilizing just two images, but many times over. We could preserve some seriously jiggy hip movements for generations to come.


Good post, using Netflix as a microcosm of a larger problem.

It is weird, knowing where we are and where we are headed with C02 et. al., and at the same time witnessing the world become increasing wired, and dependent on the continued supply of electricity most probably from coal fired power plants.

Maybe Paul Gilding is right, there will be no real change the level of awareness and action until there is a major global disruption. Even then, I am not sure. We are wired, as is all life it seems, to spend (dissipate I think is the technical term) the energy available to us. Can we live differently, consciously, in a pattern that conserves energy? That is a questions I have been wondering about.

Shawn B


“Even then, I am not sure.” Putting climate change deniers aside, yeah, we do seem to have all the awareness that we need. It’s hard to imagine what needs to be said differently in order to change our actions. I suppose what is needed is a broad change in the way we interact with the world (an agrarian approach, I dare say), but that’s easier said than done of course.


“that peak oil thing that don’t talk about”…GOOD ONE!!! You are referring to the same peak oil that caught you napping I assume? The one that was supposed to happen in 1989 according to Colin Campbell and yet here we all here…waiting…and waiting…for it finally to arrive?

Which begs the question, why would anyone THINK they should be talking about it, unless that person was suckered once, and is just BEGGING to be suckered again, right Allan? :slight_smile:


They may be redundant, but thanks again for your comments!


Hi Allan. Very amusing and well written.

The guy that was quoted as: “Film & Television’s messenger declared unto the United Nations, there is no chance that “by 2050 clean, renewable energy could supply 100% of the world’s energy needs,”.” Trust me on this he’s wrong, because unless they can get access to more fossil fuels, they will be operating on renewables - no doubt about it. I’d like to see them manage that one! It always reminds me of the story about the human asking the elves if they could stay there forever in the far country. So the elves kill the human and then bury them and the wish is fulfilled.

My understanding is that the company in question is having a high drop off in subscribers due to the poor internet speeds down under. Cheers mate. Chris


Hehe, perhaps I made it too vague, but the guy that was quoted (“Film & Television’s messenger”) was the movie star Leonardo Dicaprio, and the quote was part of his speech to the UN. The absurdity of the whole thing – movie stars thinking that we can have 100% “renewable” energy for 100% of the people – makes me think of that Upton Sinclair quote: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

p.s. Long live slow Internet speeds?