The Coming Fall of the House of Saud: Austerity is in, and the Countdown to Saudi Arabia's Fire Sale is On!

With austerity policies sweeping the globe it was really only a matter of time before they hit the more affluent parts of the Middle East, although one certainly wouldn't expect the oil-rich kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be so hot on the heels of the "lazy" Greeks. The word "austerity" has however earned a bit of a bad rap with some and so rendered itself rather unfashionable in certain circles, resulting in no astute leader being daft enough to explicitly impose "austerity" on his or her populace. Nevertheless, when your nation's time has come it doesn't matter what kind of language you prefer to use, because when push comes to shove you either do as you're told and send increasing portions of your nation's population down the river or – and as Alexis Tsipras nearly found out – your country earns itself an early ticket to the dark ages (edit 01/01/2018: or in the case of Saudi Arabia, its dark ages get exacerbated even further).

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Being rather busy with yet even more Ghost-related projects I’ve had to nix the idea of the primers for now and so have taken down their links. I hope to get to them later in the (next) year, and will perhaps have all of them posted at the same time by late-2018 or so.

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Hey Allan. Nice work. All the best for 2018

This post was fun, but considering that since everyone has known for a long time that Saudi Arabia is a country that traded its house built on sand for one built on oil (even more so than the rest of industrial civilization), don’t you think you are simply beating a dead camel?

don’t you think you are simply beating a dead camel?

Yeah, kinda. Although perhaps not “everyone” knows it, so much as “the choir” knows it. That being said, it’s also just as true that FF2F doesn’t get read much by those beyond the choir (for now?), so… honing my chops?

Oh shit, I only just noticed you didn’t write “dead horse”. Now I’m laughing way too hard. Starting off 2018 with a good laugh I suppose!