Naomi Klein and the Letdown of the Leap Manifesto: Live by the Camera and TV Screen, Die by the Camera and Movie Screen [part 3/4]

Ask around and you'll eventually come across somebody that will tell you that (in certain respects) film schools are a waste of time and money. Frankly, you can count me as one of those people, although I don't say that as somebody who attended the Film Studies program at Ryerson University in Toronto for four years (which last I heard was the most competitive of all university programs in Canada to get into, although perhaps that was just an urban rumour). I say that as somebody who prior to attending university figured that although practice is generally a very useful thing to partake in, there are some things that to a large degree you've either got or you don't, and which practice can only help iron out a few kinks. As far as I've always seen it, and much like being a top-notch 100-meter dash sprinter (which most of us can never be), filmmaking – directing in particular – is one of those things. That being said, as far as I've noticed there is actually one "film school" out there that truly is above and beyond the rest, and which I inadvertently had the "fortunate privilege" of "attending."

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Damn Allan. Long winded write up to say “I quit”. The good news being, at least you didn’t blame all of this exercise on peak oil.

So…these years later now…are you a farmer as the blog title claims? Or is gardening the sum total and measure of how far you still are from accomplishing that one?

Long winded, yes. Although I figure we need to start understanding why to quit, hence the protracted explanation. That being said, that was the short version.

And good question. No, I’m not doing the farming thing just yet, and I’ve also taken a bit of a break from the gardening. I’m going to wait until I’m back in the country.

The good news being, at least you didn’t blame all of this exercise on peak oil.

Of course not! Because unlike others (cough cough), I’m not a one-trick pony.

Allan you where talking about Citizens income in the post before and I just wanted you to see this from a German economic think tank called the “wissensmanufaktur” they are a bunch of Ex CEO’s and economics professors who had enough from this crashing system and are working on a new way to fix our broken capitalist system.

Unfortunately they called it " Plan B ", its not perfect but a lot better that what we are crashing with. Read it for yourself:

Giving it a quick scan I didn’t notice anything mentioning how a basic income, or at least the upkeep of a basic income’s standards, are underpinned by energy. I did notice though that it mentioned that our interest-based system implies a redistribution to the rich, so I’ll give it a look. Thanks.