Money Doesn't Grow on Trees, Industrial-Scale Renewable Energy Does

Follow the headlines and you can hardly be blamed for thinking that we're on the cusp of a monumental renaissance, one that'll usher us into a renewable energy paradise and allow us to maintain our profligate first-world standard of living for... well, forever!

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Great article. This will come in handy when broaching the topic of peak oil/ eroi with any aggressively cornucopian types.

Glad to hear that! Although careful with the aggressive ones. Everything’s been okay so far when hiding behind a computer, but when broaching such topics with them in person they sometimes seem as if they want to bite off my head. :wink:

You have mentioned

the word “culture” comes from the Latin “cultura” – to cultivate plants and/or animals

It is strange that in our language TAMIL, noun PANPAADU means (human) culture that comes from the verb PANPADU meaning to get the land ready for cultivation.

Followed me all the way from my comment on Ugo Bardi’s Cassandra’s Legacy, eh? Well thanks, as that’s an interesting observation you pointed out. Similarly, you might be interested to know that the name Adam, of Adam and Eve, comes from the Hebrew word “adama”, which means “earth”. Your conveyance of those Tamil definitions gives me the idea to search out and make a list of all these ways in which the roots of our stories and being are tied to the earth, land, soil, etc., via our languages. Thanks!

@Stromfeldt and @Venkataraman_old-system: Robert MacFarlane’s recently published book Landmarks has begun to do just that, create a glossary of our ancestral language of the land (in the UK and Ireland, most of it Celtic based, but his interests also lie in India and Nepal, both professionally and personally). In his work, he has networked with other such individuals around the world who are working on collecting glossaries of their own local languages of the land. very exciting.

Thank you very much for that! Never heard of it before, and I’ll definitely be picking up a copy.