Melbourne's Donald Trump Protests: Harbinger of the Rise of Pauline Hanson?

Feeling in a bit of a masochistic mood a couple of Saturdays ago I decided to take a stroll over to the Donald Trump protest (which seem to be occurring like clockwork once every two weeks) outside of Melbourne's State Library, the place to be if you had the need of getting the wax cleared out of your ear drums. I managed to listen to the first couple of speakers, but the inanity of it all became way too overwhelming and I realized I had to get my apparently not-quite-masochistic-enough arse out of there before I did something stupid like turn around to the lady behind me and tell her "I hope you're hurting your voice as much as you're hurting my ears."

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This blog really nailed it. Australia has much more bigotry directed towards the poor and Ill educated than it does to people from other cultures. Nobody likes a bogan, and this sentiment will probably come back to bite us.

Not glad to say that somebody agrees with me, but yeah. If the blowback can be avoided – if wrong’s can be amended – then it’ll be better for all those involved down here. But we’ll see how that goes.