Make Hay While the Pandemic Rages

If there's one painfully apparent thing right now, that'd be that pretty much everybody out there just can't wait for things to get back to normal. Be it attending live footy matches (or whichever sport(s) one prefers), eating out at restaurants two, three, four, five times a week, hitting up the movie theatres, nights out at the opera, getting plastered at pubs, etc. Generally speaking, and those in dire straits aside, a significant amount of people can't wait to get back to their preferred form of bread and circuses.

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As you may or may not have noticed, there’s been several changes made to FF2F’ s look. Most obviously (and inconsequentially) the titles of posts are now in bold (font-weight!), and they’re now proceeded a subtitle.

If you’re on a desktop/laptop, not only will you see the usage of headings throughout the post, but you may also notice that there’s an associated Table of Contents over in the side-panel. Click on any of those and you’ll be taken to that portion of the post.

Next up, and provided that you’ve signed up to FF2F’ s subscription list, the blog now allows you to log in and access your account page. There’s not much to it all for the time being, although later this year being logged in will also automatically log you in for commenting purposes.

Last of all, and most importantly, I clued in that the problem with the font not being very legible was not due to its lightness/darkness (as was discussed in the comments section when this blog was relaunched on Ghost back in late-2017), but due to its “font-weight”. I increased that from 300 to 400 (for those of you who know what I’m talking about), which from what I can tell makes a world of a difference. (Captions for images remain at 300 for differentiation, if you want to see the difference between 300 and 400.)

Happy reading!

Hey Allan. Seems to me humanity has been crossing the center line often for some time now but this time there’s a car coming, we may swerve and miss the car but I’m thinking we will loose control either way