Living as a Quasi-Serf in Helbourne with the Hellburn

It's been a while since a new (bona fide) post has appeared here on FF2F, and it's unfortunately going to be a while yet.

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HeyAllan. Sounds like a rough ride. Heal up mate. Dean

Dark mode has been successfully added. Just click the toggle over on the sidebar at the right or tap on the toggle accessed via the hamburger button up at the top right if you’re on a mobile phone or tablet. I was unable to add dark mode functionality to the comments due to them being on a separate domain and so had to settle for dimming them a bit. All other photos and such have also been dimmed, which unfortunately means that when clicking on an image (or pinching one to enlarge it on a mobile phone or tablet) that they don’t appear as sharp. Ah well.

Anyway, for you who like to read and access the Internet in dark mode and/or who wanted something less bright for night-time reading, I hope you like it!

p.s. Once again, many thanks to Vikas Potluri of HexR for his assitance with the JavaScript and more.

Hey Allan call me collect