Having Said Nothing About Smashing the "Glass Floor", it's the Democrats that are Ultimately Responsible for Trump's Win [part 3/3]

According to a well known actress by the name of Amy Schumer (second cousin to Chuck Schumer, the Democratic apparatchik disliked by some for his alleged ties to Wall Street), "People who voted for [Trump] are weak" and a bunch of "kicking and screaming babies". Which is a bit rich coming from a liberal, a person who is supposedly against monolithically generalizing groups of people – Muslims, immigrants, gays, etc. – but has no problem monolithically labelling voters of the opposition as what might as well be deemed a bunch of degenerates (or "irredeemable" "deplorables", as Hillary Clinton described "half" of them). Putting things a bit more diplomatically, former British prime minister David Cameron stated while still in office that proposals of Trump's were "divisive, stupid and wrong", to which Trump, in pure Trumpian Aikido-styles, twisted around and replied with "I'm not stupid, OK?"

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Sorry about the delay. Just as I was getting around to writing it, and for an inexplicable reason, I was knocked out for a while with a nasty bout of asthma. It was then only just two days ago that I heard that six people died from asthma here in Melbourne last week and that thousands were hospitalized, some still. Turns out Melbourne had a round of “Thunderstorm Asthma”, an event where pollen is blown back up in the air where it is then broken down from 2.5mm pieces to 0.5mm pieces, small enough to get into one’s lungs – asthmatics in particular. Not only did I have no idea why my asthma suddenly flared up (and have never heard of “Thunderstorm Asthma”), but I also no longer have an inhaler to use when I get attacks. I noticed years ago that my body quickly becomes dependent and expectant on my inhaler once I start using it, and so ditched it in favor taking control of my breathing and alleviating my asthma that way. (As well, and expecting that the availability of Ventolin inhalers is going to disappear at some point during my life, I figure I might as well train myself to be able to do without them while the going’s easy.) It’s definitely not for everyone, but when my asthma does hit I think I’m better able to control it and suffer from less severe attacks – and so also don’t need to be rushed to intensive care (as I’ve often been over the years).

You can read about Melbourne’s “Thunderstorm Asthma” here and here.

Having seen the sufferings of close relatives with asthma, I understand your situation. Hope you get well soon.

It’s totally subsided now, thank you, but unfortunately two more passed away, and at least one more is still in hospital. I was just told that due to the thunderstorm we had yesterday that asthmatics were told to stay indoors, although there was no “thunderstorm asthma” this time. Perhaps the warning was a bit reactionary, but still, that was some very weird asthma two weeks ago.

Sorry to hear about the asthma Allan.

Out of curiosity, why the interest in American politics in general? Can’t say if I was in southern half of the planet on the opposite side I would care much, and I was born here. Better than being born American, I was born Texas, but that is an “inside the country” thing.

Sort of like the superiority of western Canada over the easterners.

Thanks for that. And good question. I suppose you could say that the US is a microcosm for the rest of the world when it comes to energy, collapse, and a few other topics, energy and collapse being what my recent posts revolved around. Similar to how I wrote those two posts on Greece and that one on Cyprus. I’ve been meaning to write a particular one on Aussie politics for a while now, but it keeps getting bumped down in the queue. One regarding Canada is on the way as well, but there’s not too much of a rush on that one either. The next two will probably touch on US politics and company as well. It’s where things can be best explained right now I suppose.