Divide and Distract: If Donald Trump Wins the Election He Loses, But if He Loses the Election He Wins [part 2/3]

For some time now I've been toying with the idea of Donald Trump as future triager-in-chief – instead of "you're fired!", "you're triaged!" I nonetheless couldn't help but think that said interpretation was likely the result of seeing the world through triage-coloured glasses and that I was perhaps missing out on some other underlying story. So I decided to err on the side of caution and avoided writing a post for a post's sake.

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Not bad Allan. Once you tone down the peak-centric ideas to just some related info on why the world won’t be the 70’s again, your thoughtful meanderings work much better.

Nice. The whole spectacle sure pulled me in. And who knows which way Trump’s been playing it. Maybe he got into it to elect Hillary. But then his ego took over, not to mention his good business sense. He’ll be milking it for the rest of his life. What is more interesting is the stuff behind the scenes… is there really a feud between two sets of elites? The whole FBI thing is ludicrous.

Found your article on reddit somewhere. Wheter I agree or disagree I like your thought process and language in which you speak; “toying with the idea”, like in your own mind.

Spoken like a true farmer in solitary confinement. Nice research and correlation to wresting. Scott Adams (Diller guy) parallels your thinking with him believing Trump is highly skilled in the school of pursasion. Awesome writing

For the record. I feel like I know people like Trump, self made mo fos, like f’ING water running down hill. Nothing but id’ING a problem, finding a solution then engage willpower. These type of people exist and are pure men with grande huevos. I’m libertarian in nature but this as well as socialism is utopian these days. He’s been saying same ***** for 30 years and there’s no evidence of him being a piece of *****. I’ve been reluctant and very skept but I’m a proud American and I’m the Trump train.

This sentence explains everything:

This hasn’t seemed to matter in the slightest though to legions of Trump supporters, people whose prolonged dismissal by the establishment as being expendable has resulted in their complete willingness to brush off all of Trump’s fabrications if – and I’m now thinking that that’s a dubious “if” – the purpose of those lies have been to bully government predators who have been bullying them for years on end. And Trump surely knows this.

Same thing we had in Toronto with late major Rob Ford. People did not think he would fix or improve anything. People were sick and tired of bullying by the politically correct class and Ford had appeared to stand up to them.

People do not expect Trump to fix the world, they just enjoy the way he has been bullying establishment. They hate establishment enough to forgive Trump anything. Whether it is bad or good for the future, remains to be seen. Level of desperation must be sky high, when people abandon hope for winning, they just want the other guy to suffer. Just like a raccoon cornered in my garage…

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Yeah, having recalled the birther thing at the last minute I realized that having pretty much put that one to rest and shift the onus for it onto Clinton, the new bogeyman story is going to be about the election that was stolen or whatever. And like you said, he may very well milk it for the rest of his life.

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Spoken like a true farmer in solitary confinement.

I like that, thanks!

And yeah, I know what you mean about guys (and gals) who are hard-as like Trump and whom nothing stands in the way for. That being said, and although I’ve never seen his TV show or seen a video of him before – the debates were the first time I’d ever heard him speak so I’ve never really had a chance to take a close look at him – I don’t know. Although he’s no dummy (even though he may behave like one sometimes), I do wonder if he’s a lot more sneakier than most of us think.

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I was out of town when the elections happened but I was there just before Ford got voted in, and I heard a bit of a different story. According to a friend of mine who takes a lot of cab rides the cabbies – immigrant cabbies – he spoke to kept telling him “Ford is going to look out for us little guys!” I think a lot of people believed Ford’s nonsense. Likewise, I think there are quite a few people out there who actually think that Trump can Make America Great Again. Not all of course, but the naïve ones I mentioned.

And those Toronto raccoons! When I lived on Bloor St. back in my university days I had one that liked to come in through the kitchen window (which was left open in the sweltering summer heat). He (or she) would lazily make his/her way out when I entered the kitchen and yelled at it. When I’d had enough and decided to lock it out (it eventually began opening the window itself) it perched itself an inch from the window so it could eye exactly what I was doing to lock it out (jam a stick in the window frame). Cheeky bugger! I then got a glass of water, opened the window and splashed it in his face in hopes that it would run away, but it just sat there looking at me as if it were saying “what?” I then got a glass of warm/hot water (by no means scalding) and did it again, and it just kept sitting there what that “what?” look on its face. My stick method did finally succeed in locking him/her out though. That also solved the problem of hearing the French exchange student scream every now and then when she walked in the kitchen.

Now that the vote has been cooked and quite a different dinner served, it might dawn on us that Herr Trump doesn’t enter a game to lose.

Absolutely nuts! It was obvious he had the support behind him, of which us non-true believers of the left could see why, but – it was a whole other thing to think that he’d be allowed to win, due to whatever ulterior motive.

[I]t might dawn on us that Herr Trump doesn’t enter a game to lose.

Yeah, this guy seems a lot scarier to me today than he did yesterday.

I’m new to your blog, it’s very refreshing. I have a different assessment with regards to the question of energy, but I find your musings very insightful. Keep em’ coming.

What, you mean to say that you didn’t find my (completely off) musings on Trump as distraction-from-collapse as utterly batshit crazy? To each their own I guess. :wink: