Collapse Café: Age of Limits Conferences and Collapse [part 2/2]

I need to add a new write-up to these two podcasts, which I'll do before the end of the year (2017).

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So how did this years Age of Limits conference go? Considering that some think collapse itself is right around the corner, it must have been filled with people all discussing everything from high priced fuels they couldn’t afford to buy to put in their car to get them to the conference, food shortages, the brownouts rolling across North America as ever increasing natural gas supplies aren’t used to generate electricity, all sorts of good topics!

Actually, Age of Limits is held in May, although unfortunately there is no event happening this year. Four Quarters InterFaith Sanctuary (4Q), who hosts the event, has decided to focus on paying off a large parcel of land they have recently acquired, and may possibly hold another Age of Limits conference in three years or so. Glad to hear about your interest though, and perhaps we’ll see you there in three years!

A more thorough explanation on the Age of Limits hiatus can be found here.

Well that is unfortunate. As it operates as a campground, I have often considered stopping in and tent camping for an evening, but my schedule just hasn’t worked out with that plan.

They also have some bunks and rooms in a nice cabin, but yes, tent camping is also allowed.