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If you know of the name Dan Chiras, then you've probably heard it in reference to the multitude of books he's written on alternative energy sources, alternative building methods, and more. But as important as his previous works have been, his latest book, on an alternative food source, is probably his most important yet. Yes, for those who already know what his latest book is about (and/or just saw the cover shot accompanying this post), I did just say "alternative food source." For Chiras' indispensable latest book is called The Scoop on Poop: Safely Capturing and Recycling the Nutrients in Greywater, Humanure and Urine.

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Wojja mean “could of”? Where did you learn English? The proper grammatical form is ‘could have’. (Chunter, chunter… I dunno, young people today… :slight_smile: And yes, ‘wojja’ is a joke form of ‘what do you…’ I had noticed.

Sounds like the kind of mistake I might make, but after searching the article I couldn’t find anywhere that I’d written “could of”. So I’m confused.

I would call home a home only if it is a closed-loop ecosystem that thrives and in which we shall thrive. I’m a naturalistic pantheist after all.

Besides, you know what they say about relocating pest animals? “Bringing one’s problems to a neighbor’s backyard.” That is how I interpret the actual sewage system. We’re bringing our cra… pardon, problems somwehere else to be handled… and by somebody else at that!

By the way, I noticed @Rhisiart_Gwilym_old-system’s comment, here’s the exerpt: “If you had of blindfolded me and brought me into the house and then onward to the loo five seconds after someone had done a number two, then told me that I was in the kitchen, I’d of had no reason to disbelieve you.”

Anyhow, you’ve convinced me to go ahead and buy this book as a companion to my Humanure Handbook, I’m grateful for the beautiful resume you’ve written. Having a couple other books from New Society Publishing, it’s a wonderful publisher and worth perusing the other books they have in their library.

But you haven’t convinced me to go out my door and shake my fist at the world. I’m a little on the loco side but not that far off!


Ahhhh, now I see it (“had of” and “I’d of”). I don’t know if I should be saying “damn, you guys are sharp!” or “that’s some slack English on my part.” It’s a strange one too. It almost still seems to make sense to me, but looking at it closer it obviously doesn’t. Fortunately I’ve clued in to where it comes from, which is fast dialogue. “Could have” becomes “could’ve” becomes “could of.” I’ll make a mental note of that, and thanks for the extra clarification.

Glad to hear you liked the review and will be picking up the book. And yes, New Society is one of my two favorite publishers (the other being Chelsea Green), with Storey Books being a little further off in third place.

And no worries about not wanting to shake your fist in the air. If you look at the bottom of the next post, Mr. Shit Face has that one covered aplenty.