Baby Doo-Doo: The Future is Here, and it's in the Rear


Doin' the doo-doo dance

Regular readers of this recently started blog will be aware that its focus encompasses the broad issues pertaining to the unfolding saga of industrial civilization's collapse. This is in no small part due to the peaking of various energy supplies and the constraints these limits will place on various facets of our societies, facets which we regularly take for granted.

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But what about countries with only mostly old people ?

Can you do more funding to do stem cell research to make old folks do doo doo like babies do doo doo ?

What about super doo doo exploding soldiers(if they get pierced by bullets) so even conventional war is M.A.D. ???


Ageing populations? That’s a very good question. I remember reading some time ago that due to Denmark’s birth rate (1.7 babies per woman) an initiative called Do it for Denmark was started which offered couples a free holiday as well as free baby supplies for three years if they could prove that they conceived while holidaying abroad. Perhaps a new campaign called Do it for Doo-Doo is due (doo).


Julian Simon was worse than wrong; he was evil. He will not be remembered kindly in the times to come.


Yes, his faulty paradigm will become all the more obvious once limits to growth become more widely recognized.