Australia's New Billion-dollar Seqirus Vaccine Plant Will Be No Match for Avian Leakage

With supply lines breaking down across the world for fuels, medicines, clothing and other consumables, it was only inevitable that nations eventually began undertaking measures to reinvigorate flagging economies in hopes of not only returning economic output to previous – and even greater – levels than before (ultimately a crap-shoot since global limits of oil supplies have likely been reached), but to attain a sense of security over local supplies of goods. As Australian prime minister Scott Morrison stated in late-September as part of a manufacturing-boost announcement,

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Thanks for reporting on the ‘Seqirus’ project. Geez… we sure have our best minds wage-shackled to naming stuff, & I’m duly grateful that Seqirus wasn’t already snatched up by a garage band hatching somewhere on Long Island.

I’m also borderline reassured that some chickens may lead pleasant enough lives of service. ( Lying myself to sleep despite yer best efforts…)

Very telling pic … the poultry techs sporting TYVEK hazmat suits. The chickens should be similarly attired, right ?

Chickens are on their own. I pray we will emulate their equanimity when we glimpse our looming fate.

You are responsible if the chickens figure out the gist of your gentle dispatch & embrace retaliation.

Oh, wait a minute ( I missed the point !)… vengeance IS THEIRS !

  • JJ in Detroit, south of Canadian frontier

Yup, exactly. We could of course shut down all our CAFOs (not just the chicken and pig influenza incubators, but the rest of them as well), and I’m all for it, but I’m not about to hold my breath waiting for it to happen. Failing that shutdown, the blowback is going to be hefty, to say the least.

That being so, and using the “fortuitous” emergence of COVID-19 fallout as a reference, a portion of what I’ll be writing on this topic here on FF2F will be about how to place ourselves in light of that expected blowback.

…which I say from the comfort of a country currently getting one, if not zero, COVID-19 cases a day :grimacing: