A Collapse Blogger's Search For the Most Collapse-Proof Blogging Platform

With just seven days left before this blog moves away from The World's Worst Blogging Platform™ I created and over to an actual blogging platform, I will nonetheless point out that I've been rather content for the past three years or so with this "platform" of mine, and not once have I been jealous or envious of the actual platforms used by the blogs I myself read.

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EROEI according to my input from Charles Hall (over a few years) is what I did for over 20 years in industrial processes. Below is from your web site:

“To differentiate and measure the energy surpluses that various sources of energy supply is where the metric devised by systems ecologist Charles A.S. Hall comes in, Energy Return Over Energy Invested, commonly known as EROEI. Focusing singularly on energy, EROEI assessments are a measurement immune to financial vagaries of tax credits, resource subsidies, and other market fluctuations that distort data.”

Charles and all physicists “KNOW” there is only energy as far as man has been able to determine. We can/should start with the fact that ALL energy comes/did from the sun. That allows us to “fact check” statements/assumptions about biology (all living things) including if there are the billions/gr of microorganisms in the soil that are necessary to produce healthy food.

Shouldn’t all articles about closed systems state the boundaries within, which they are “making claims”?


A bit off topic from the above post, but hey, it’s not as if I’ve got any statement saying that comments are supposed to be in response to the post, so until/unless I explicitly state that then I’ll respond in kind.

That being said, our comments here may disappear from this post once this blog switches over to its new blogging platform in a few days as I’ll also be using a new commenting platform. On top of that, the EROEI Primer that you quoted from will not be re-appearing on the new blog, although it will be completely re-written and posted at a later time. So supposing that I manually migrate comments over or something I may not migrate over this discussion.

Anyhow, about your comment.

To be honest I’m not completely sure what you’re saying there, as I don’t quite see what recognizing that the energy on this planet came from the sun (and other stars, which came from…) has to do with the amount of microorganisms in a gram of soil. Nor am I even sure what you mean by needing to state “the boundaries within” when talking about closed systems. The universe… is finite?<!—25th October 2017 9:56am->

I hope that your ‘new’ blog will have something like Disqus for the comments. I especially like the edit function. Also great is the email one gets from Disqus indicating a direct reply. Some blogs let one get an email with every comment made, but that leads to a very cluttered inbox. Also superfluous is the periodic email from Disqus directing the receiver to the entire comment string, which I almost always delete unread. It’s not perfect, but Disqus is pretty good.

Disqus? Pfft, no chance of that ! :wink:

Thanks for mentioning that though as I completely forgot to write about commenting systems, Disqus of course being the biggie but which I’d like to avoid using (and will be).

FF2F’s new iteration will in fact have a very functional commenting system, one that users can configure themselves for those variables you speak of, plus much more. Seeing how I forgot to write about Diqus and such I’ll try and get to writing a few words on that for the first comment to the first post.